Steven Mihelakis

My name is Steven Mihelakis, I'm a freelance web designer/developer on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia. I also work for a digital marketing agency here on the coast. 

With over 10+ years experience in the digital field, I have seen alot of the trends come and go and part of the fun is keeping up with new technologies that come out, making sure websites are consistant with the current standards and practises.

My love for everything digital related come back in 1995, when my parents decided to buy our very first computer. In 1997 a high school teacher of mine taught the class the very basics of HTML and from then on I was hooked. Creating free websites on and made up most of my nights which allowed me to then go on and build various websites for friends and family. 

I now have extensive knowledge of most programming languages and website content management systems. One of my favourite websites to build are e-Commerce/online shops and watching them go from wireframe mocks to fully functioning stores whereby customers can buy things of all sorts gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

When I'm not building a website or learning new things, I'm usually out and about with my wife and son (and dog) or riding my motorcycle through the roads of the beautiful Australian east coast.

You can reach out to me by:

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